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Anji Bamboo Products Factory is a triple in the beautiful countryside - the special Anji bamboo packing, bamboo products, bamboo lanterns manufacturers, professional skills, superior quality and timely credit, has won praise at home and abroad. We pay attention to choice of materials, processes in place, high temperature, high pressure and dozens of the process, the product is not destroyed by insects, cracking, deformation characteristics, our products not only to retain the inherent high density of bamboo, toughness, strength of Outstanding characteristics; while maintaining the natural texture of bamboo, simple, elegant and gives a return of nature to enjoy. 

Lack of timber resources in the global situation, bamboo packaging products have become the new darling of the packaging, because it is not only a useful commodity, but also has considerable ornamental, so that you feel the rushing of Chinese traditional culture.

Generation of green bamboo-shaped packaging products - We welcome new and old customers at home and abroad, and seek common development.

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